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Availability of Deturbulators for Aircraft Performance Enhancement

We have been receiving enquiries and requests from sailplane owners worldwide as to the availability of the Sinha Deturbulator for their particular model glider. Interest in the Sinha Deturbulator has increased since independent flight tests by Richard Johnson indicated 18% improvement in best glide ratio (L/D) with the Deturbulator on a Standard Cirrus sailplane on February 10 at the 2007 SSA Annual Convention in Memphis. The obvious question is, if the Deturbulator is so simple and effective what is the delay in making it available to all who requested it? Also, when will it be available and how much will it cost? Here are some answers:

First, the Sinha Deturbulator is not merely a tape, but a system, including the Deturbulator tape along with other tapes and components integrated with a particular wing. The configuration process begins with an analysis of the wing airfoils and ends with specifications of the various tapes and their placements. Finally, the installation needs to be effected within specifications in order to obtain the expected L/D enhancement. At this stage we are beginning to develop design specifications for wings we have not treated before. If you have a sailplane with airfoil profiles that are not publicly available, you will need to measure the x,y co-ordinates of the airfoils at selected span stations. We can provide instructions on how to do this.

The Deturbulator tape itself is undergoing changes. The version evaluated by Richard Johnson was affected by humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. This has since been superseded by Version II. It is currently being hand-prototyped in small quantities, and has yet to undergo full evaluation on a glider. From preliminary results, Version II appears to have corrected problems which had caused performance inconsistencies in the earlier version.

SinhaTech will begin selling hand-prototyped Version II Deturbulator kits for wings we have analyzed. Please see the list below. If you wish to add your glider model, we will require a deposit of USD $1,000 with the remaining USD $1,000 due on delivery.

We expect to treat about six new models within the next six months. The price is deeply discounted based on production costs alone. Additional tweaking may be necessary after installation based on results of flight performance tests.

Flight testing can be done by sink rate measurements using your flight data recorder. We can provide instructions on doing this and a spreadsheet for evaluating the results. This will be your first step since a baseline measurement is needed before installing the Deturbulator.

There is no supplemental type certification for Deturbulators. Aircraft owners are responsible for ensuring that they follow the airworthiness regulations of their respective countries. Also, buyers must sign an indemnification agreement.

For a history of the project and the current testing results, click Progress.

For further information, contact SinhaTech.

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